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When we contact prospective clients, we are often asked what we offer that is different or more beneficial than other mental health and wellbeing training. We thought it would be useful therefore to provide some of the answers here...

1. Why would we need Mental Health Awareness (MHA) or Resilience training?

Why do we need Resilient Me?

Absence through stress re-related illness is the No.1 cost to UK businesses. 57% of all sick days in 2018 were for mental health reasons. Workplace and educational stress is an everyday enemy to hundreds of thousands of people and needs to be taken seriously. The right type of training should enable your managers, staff or students to recognise, and be able to combat, the various symptoms and warning signs.

Early planning and action will reduce absenteeism, promote understanding and tolerance within the organisation, and improve overall productivity. The most important thing not to do is to assume because no-one seems stressed that all is well. Stress is a very real and often well-hidden danger.

2. We already have a Mental Health First Aider. Why would we need Resilient Me?

It's excellent that you have already thought to address the problem. But in isolation, having a mental Health First Aider does not represent an effecitve mental health strategy. Here's why...

The first aid approach on its own is exactly that - helping to fix something that's already damaged. Instead, if you provide the workshops and training that will help employees to recognise and avoid developing mental health issues in the first place, you are potentially avoiding the loss of productivity and increased absenteeism that these issues cause. Beyond that, out training goes further and builds more positive and more productive mindsets for both managers and staff.

3. What kind of training do you provide?

Our training courses are based on a proven strategy that puts mental health first. This is simply because unless your people are in the correct mindset, and have achieved the right levels of understanding, further training of any kind would be largely ineffective.

Beyond MHA and Resilience, we provide training that develops personal performance and a positive mental attitude - imperative in getting the very best from both individuals and teams. At a higher level, our management training teaches the specific skills and behaviours needed to manage and inspire others.

4. Why is your training better?

Simple. Our courses have been developed by people who have lived through the experience. The partners of Resilient Me have seen first-hand the symptoms, struggles and recovery process of various types of mental illness. Because of this, they understand what can and must be done in order to prevent an issue starting or getting worse, and have built this essential knowledge into every training touchpoint. Our courses and workshops deliver the need-to know facts and the science, but with a genuine, personal connection. This results in better engagement which is reflected in the consistently excellent feedback we receive from clients in a wide variety of industry sectors.

5. How much does it cost?

Our training rates are in line with most other types of managerial or staff training and can be negotiated for multiple sessions or durations. As a guide, our daily rate starts at £1200 plus expenses and any special resources.

The question that should also be asked is how much is it likely to cost my business or establishment if we don’t protect ourselves against the potential fallout of a stressful work or study environment?

6. Who will do the training?

This will depend on the date or dates you choose and your geographical location. As well as the company principals, Resilient Me has access to a number of trained presenters who are licensed to deliver our courses. You can be assured that they will all be punctual, professional and knowledgeable.

If your question isn’t answered here - just call or email us!