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I am Rachel’s husband and look after the marketing and general managment duties  for Resilient Me.


Although not directly involved in presenting courses, I have previously held a variety of senior management roles in the creative business, and so know first-hand about the stresses and strains of the corporate world! Luckily, I’ve also learned how to recognise and deal with them effectively – largely through Rachel’s knowledge and advice.


I cannot overstate what a big difference that recognising the symptoms of stress - and knowing how to effectively manage them - can make. If every young person or pressured employee is supported by their employer or headteacher early enouugh, and given the right help and strategies, then everybody wins. Their personal achievement is higher, overall productivity increases, and the entire work or learning environment improves.


I firmly believe in Resilient Me and what it has achieved for its clients, and am enjoying working with an ever- growing number of clients to help improve their health and their working/home environments.


Tony Munns_Beach

Tony Munns Managing Partner