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Stage 2 Courses

Our Stage 2 course ‘Brilliant Me’ embraces all the benefits achieved through The Circus of Life and takes them to the next level. Attendees learn a multitude of personal improvement techniques including how to recognise their own strengths, change any limiting habitual thought patterns, and recognising how their own behaviours impact on others. This leads on to understanding how to take greater personal responsibility, acquire robust leadership skills and how to use positive communication methods to influence those around them. Brilliant Me normally lasts one day and you can download the factsheet below for more detailed information. If you would prefer to have the factsheet emailed please contact us.

Brilliant Me  Building self confidence, motivation and personal leadership skills

True motivation comes from within. 'Motivated Me' inspires students to feel excited about their futures and equips them with the knowledge and tools they need to plan their routes to success. With their objectives clear it then provides a simple but effective goal setting template for them to use over and over again as they become accomplished goal setters and achievers. It's a fantastic, dynamic workshop helping students of all ages to find their own reasons to work hard and willingly put in the effort they need to succeed!

Motivated Me  Engaging, inspiring and motivational educational workshop  YEARS 9-13

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