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The Circus of Life  Understanding stress, mental health awareness & building resilience

Our flagship course, ‘The Circus of Life’, has introduced thousands of managers, employees, teachers, students and individuals to a whole new way of thinking about mental health, personal wellbeing and self development. Based on the skills a circus performer would learn including juggling, balance and taking risks, The Circus of Life is a success story that has changed lives and dramatically increased performance.  

This course teaches the science of stress and mental health issues, it also teaches the strategies and techniques that enable delegates to both recognise and combat their primary cause.  The course is available in a number of different versions and durations depending on requirements. There is also the option to train the trainer. Download the relevant factsheet below or contact us for more detailed information.

The Circus of Life Inset Day  Stress, mental health awareness resilience building for education staff

Stress is the number one cause of teenage illness and also the first step on the road to mental health issues. In schools and colleges, teaching and support staff are the first line of defence against this growing crisis, but are also at risk themselves. This workshop examines precisely what stress is, how it can lead to both physical and mental health issues, what those issues are, how to spot the signs in students and in yourself and, critically, how to build resilience in the school/college environment at all levels.

The workshop is run on two levels: the staff learn how to help themselves AND they work out how the principles learned can be built into the school and classroom environment thus supporting the students. Mental Health and resilience twilight sessions are also available.

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Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing  Spotting the signs and improving workplace culture

Not all companies can accommodate the full day Circus of Life workshop but understanding, even at a basic level, about mental heath and wellbeing in the workplace is essential. For this reason we have developed a 3-hour workshop that will enable attendees to understand what stress is (medically) and how it can ultimately lead to physical or mental health issues. Plus they will learn what the six different mental health categories are (at a basic level) and how to identify them, understand how to provide initial support for individuals’ mental health issues in the workplace and finally to understand the key strategies that are required to maintain positive mental wellbeing.

For any business that has not yet conducted any MHA or wellbeing training for their staff, this course represents the perfect introduction and will reap many benefits in reduced absenteeism and a more positive culture.