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Hi, I’m Rachel and I am very proud to be the founder of Resilient Me.


I started out as a television journalist and media trainer, and became drawn into the world of self-help initially by training to be a counsellor, then latterly through training to be both a mindfulness practitioner and a mental health first aider.


Whilst I consider this training and experience to be hugely valuable, it is my own first-hand experience of stress-related illness and mental health issues in my family and beyond that truly qualifies me to help others. My motivation in setting up both the business and charity-related aspects of Resilient Me is to ensure other adults and teenagers avoid similar difficulties and are better-prepared to recognise and deal with life's stresses effectively.


I have written and developed a number of different courses that have proved to be very popular and, more importantly, successful in improving awareness and overall mental health. I have also written my first book - The Circus of Life - which I'm proud to say has been well recieved and makes some of the course material available to a global audience!


If you'd like to stay in touch let's connect on LinkedIn here.

Rachel Munns Principal and Founder

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