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Resilience, wellbeing and personal development are important to everybody, which is why we also make our courses available to individuals of any age or occupation. In friendly and well- structured workshops, hosted at our offices in Rutland or hotels at various locations around the UK, you will learn valuable, lifelong skills that are equally valid for your work and home life. Starting with our flagship ‘Circus of Life’ course, you will be better able to recognise and deal with everyday stress and mental health issues, develop your own goals and resilience techniques, and from there be able to fully develop your own potential and, should you choose, go on to deliver our courses and earn as a Resilient Me presenter.

The Circus of Life  Understanding stress, mental health awareness & building resilience

Resilient Me Open Courses for Individuals

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The Circus of Life was the first course created by Resilient Me, and remains the original and most effective resilience workshop available.  Delegates learn about everyday mental health and stress symptoms, and are then introduced to a whole new way of thinking about mental health, personal wellbeing and future personal development. The Circus of Life uses various analogies of the skills a circus performer would have to learn, including juggling, balance and taking risks, and uses them to illustrate the behavioural changes needed to live a worry-free and healthier life. The unique Big Top Model is also used to help delegates recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, and to set firm and realistic goals.

The Circus of Life has also been published as a paperback and ebook, and is available here. For more detailed information about the workshops please download the factsheet below or contact us.

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Circus of Life Licensee Programme   Help others to be the best they can be!

As a licensee of The Circus of Life, you can use your new found skills to help others and earn extra income. Our 4-day licensee training course is available now and creates the perfect opportunity to work at your own pace, with clients of your own and sometimes introduced by us.

Based at home with your own transport and willingness to travel, you will be self-motivated and confident in developing your own business opportunities. As an approved licensee, you will have freedom to determine how much time and effort to put in to realise full potential. With as many as one in four people having been diagnosed with a common mental disorder, the scale of the issues is such that organisations are increasingly under pressure to put appropriate measures in place to support their personnel.

You will undergo comprehensive training with the personal support of Rachel and her team, and you should have at least one year’s experience in delivering adult group training, with a sound knowledge of related considerations. For more detailed information download the factsheet below or contact us by email or phone. We look forward to meeting you.

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‘Brilliant Me’ is the ideal follow-up to The Circus of Life, embracing all the benefits achieved and taking delegates to the next level of mental strength and motivation. You will learn a multitude of personal improvement techniques including how to recognise your own strengths, change any limiting habitual thought patterns, and recognise how your own behaviours can impact on others. This leads on to understanding how to take greater personal responsibility, acquire robust personal leadership skills and how to use positive communication methods to influence those around you. The course lasts one day, and can be attended in a variety of locations around the UK. Please contact us or download our factsheet for more information.

Brilliant Me  Discover greater self-confidence, motivation and personal leadership skills

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