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For over ten years, Resilient Me has been changing the attitudes and mindsets of schoolchildren and college students for the better nationwide.

Through our engaging and memorable workshops, countless young people have learned the techniques and gained the knowledge to make them less stressed, more confident and better able to cope with examinations and social pressures. They become happier, have a brighter outlook and overall results are improved - good news for the student and for the school or college.

Consistently excellent feedback from a variety of age groups is testimony to the engaging delivery and usefulness of these workshops, and we look forward to telling you more.

The Circus of Life  Understanding stress, mental health awareness & building resilience  ALL YEAR GROUPS

Resilient Me Courses for Schools and Colleges

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The Circus of Life was the first course created by Resilient Me and remains the original and most effective workshop for students to understand and manage teenage stress. It introduces them to a whole new way of thinking about mental health, personal wellbeing and their future development.  The Circus of Life builds on the skills a circus performer would learn, including juggling, balance and taking risks, and uses these as analogies for the skills required to perform well in everyday teenage life. It uses the unique ‘Big Top  Model’ worksheet to focus students on their strengths, weaknesses and goals, and runs for approximately 2 hours.

The Circus of Life has recently been published as a paperback and ebook, and is available here. For more detailed information about the course please download the factsheet below or contact us.

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True motivation comes from within. 'Motivated Me' inspires students to feel excited about their futures and equips them with the knowledge and tools they need to plan their routes to success. With their objectives clear it then provides a simple but effective goal setting template for them to use over and over again as they become accomplished goal setters and achievers. It's a fantastic, dynamic workshop helping students of all ages to find their own reasons to work hard and willingly put in the effort they need to succeed!

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Prepare to Pass  Perfect preparation, radiant results!  YEAR 11

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Worry not though! ‘Prepare to Pass’ is the perfect preparation for mock, GCSE and A level exams. It looks at the key areas of self-belief, organisation, reviewing and stress management all wrapped up in a powerful workshop complete with a revision toolkit that’s second to none and flexible enough to suit everyone!

Students begin by looking at self-belief and examining their own reasons for wanting success in their exams. This is followed by a comprehensive set of world-class revision techniques – a toolkit, if you like, that guarantees to offer something to suit everyone. Organisation, including the study / life balance and pacing is next with a rigorous look at how to maximise the impact of every revision session to boost exam results. The workshop ends by building confidence through a range of stress-management techniques.

Motivated Me  Engaging, inspiring and motivational workshop  YEARS 9-13

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The Circus of Life Inset Day  Stress, mental health awareness and resilience building for staff

Stress is the number one cause of teenage illness and also the first step on the road to mental health issues. In schools and colleges, teaching and support staff are the first line of defence against this growing crisis, but are also at risk themselves. This workshop examines precisely what stress is, how it can lead to both physical and mental health issues, what those issues are, how to spot the signs in students and in yourself and, critically, how to build resilience in the school/college environment at all levels.

The workshop is run on two levels: the staff learn how to help themselves AND they work out how the principles learned can be built into the school and classroom environment thus supporting the students. Mental Health and Resilience twilight sessions are also available.

Stress-Free Study  Building confidence, boosting results!  YEARS 9 & 10

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle

Stress-free Study is the perfect introduction to the techniques, habits and attitudes required for exam success. It is an entertaining, dynamic and inspirational event that equips students with a range of study tools and techniques they can use immediately in the classroom and at home. It is a high-impact experience that significantly boosts self-confidence and raises aspirations.

Cre-ACTIVE Me Develop creative learning skills through physically active techniques  YEARS 3-6

Cre-ACTIVE Me is a super-exciting, interactive and creative workshop that turns learning into a physically active, dynamic, fun and inspirational experience. Obesity is a topical and growing crisis and children from the poorest backgrounds are at the highest risk. But did you know that there are many physically active techniques that can boost academic attainment too?

In this workshop, non-stop active learning results in all of KS2 benefitting from increased levels of self-belief, enthusiasm for learning and heightened aspiration. Students AND staff will leave the session equipped with a wide range of cre-ACTIVE learning techniques that they can apply straightaway! Click below for the factsheet or contact us for more information.

Mind Mapping A highly effective route to better recall and planning  ALL YEAR GROUPS

Mind Mapping is a well-documented and effective method of improving recall and learning, as well as being an excellent tool for improving overall levels of creativity and imagination. Taught effectively and applied in the correct way, they can be used in all subjects to provide a comprehensive and easy route to plan better and absorb more detail. More information can be found on the downloadable factsheet below, or please call/email the Resilient Me office.


Step up to Sixth Form Preparing for school life beyond GCSE's  YEAR 12


This fast-paced, interactive workshop empowers Year 12 students to step-up to the increased demands of 6th form. It encourages independent learning and personal leadership, and at the same time promotes good stress management techniques for their own wellbeing. The workshop covers a wide range of essential skills and focusses on both mind-set and skill-set, thus equipping students with all the tools they need to maximise their potential in KS5 and beyond. Contact the Resilient Me office or download the factsheet below for more information.

“Happy students get better grades – Happiness is positively associated with intrinsic motivation”

Christina Hinton, Harvard University  2015

Resilient Me offers schools and colleges training which:


1. meets the requirements of the current Mental & Physical Health reforms


• “Shared Society” – The Prime Minister's vision to provide greater support to those suffering mental health problems

Teresa May, January 2017


• ‘Future in Mind’ – Promoting, Protecting and Improving C&YP’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

DoH & NHS England 2015


• ‘Sport Premium’ – Tackling obesity and encouraging healthy, lifelong physical and mental wellbeing

HM Government 2019/20


2. supports 'Personal Development' Ofsted outcomes 2019


• Inspectors will make a judgement on the personal development of learners by evaluating the extent to which:

the curriculum and the provider’s wider work support learners to develop their character – including their resilience,

confidence and independence – and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy

The education inspection framework May 2019, No. 190015


3. receives EXCELLENT feedback

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