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Our training and its many business benefits

Resilience is increasingly recognised as a fundamental factor in organisational success, with businesses that invest in resilience programmes reporting benefits such as reduced stress, improved work satisfaction and increased productivity.


Professor Ivan Roberts and Professor Sir Cary Cooper reviewed every published study on resilience and concluded that resilience training had quantifiable improvements for business regardless of whether the training was half a day or 20 weeks. CIPD Podcast – Resilience -  February 2016


Our workshops look at all the demands being placed on today’s workforce and will show them how to find balance, look after themselves, become resilient and take control of their future both personally and professionally.


Building on research from leaders in resilience, including but not limited to; Professor Angie Hart from Brighton University and Tony Robbins, Life Success Coach, Businessman and Philanthropist; Resilient Me is proud to be different from other training companies.

There are two versions of our popular Circus of Life course available for businesses large and small. Our employee workshop begins by looking at what stress is and how it can lead to physical and mental health issues. After looking in more detail at the different types of mental health difficulties and how to spot them, it then goes on to show employees how to become resilient, build a success mindset and how to maximise their personal wellbeing thus taking control of their future – both personally and professionally. Please download the factsheet below for full details:

Circus of Life and Mental Health Awareness

In addition to all of the employee content, our management workshop examines the importance of workplace culture and its impact, both positive and negative, on employee open-ness and leads managers through the process of disclosure and subsequent, on-going support. Full details are on the factsheet below:

Download employee factsheet Download Management factsheet

Resilient Me offers businesses training and development which:


1. supports a reduction in absence, turnover and improved productivity


• 41% of HR professionals claim that reported mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) have increased among employees in the past 12 months


• 60% of organisations with a policy on mental health do not currently provide mental health training

CIPD Annual Absence Management Survey 2016


• Around 17million working days were lost in the UK to sick leave caused by mental health in 2015; an increase of 25% on 2014   Office for National Statistics 2014


2. supports the requirements of the current Mental Health Reforms


• “Shared Society” – The Prime Minister’s vision to provide greater support to those suffering mental health problems   Theresa May 9th January 2017


• “Five Year Forward View for Mental Health”

Mental Health Taskforce, NHS England, February 2016


3. receives EXCELLENT feedback


Download our factsheet here

Bespoke training and management support to implement resilience in-house is also available – please contact us for more information.

“Happier Individuals have approximately 12% greater productivity"

A J Oswald, University of Warwick 2014