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I am delighted to be working with and supporting the outstanding and vital work of Resilient Me.


I became a Coach after leaving the Corporate world in 2002 having felt the pressures of stress, burn-out, no ‘work-life’ balance and all the results that come with those things. I was well aware of the need to support individuals and organisations in providing an opportunity for people at all levels to learn the skills of well-being and resilience and to be given the time to talk with a professional to help maintain their own personal mental health, life balance and effectiveness.


Recognising that even the most skilled person, team or company have 'off' days, I specialise in helping individuals and organisations achieve and maintain their clarity of purpose and vision, and support them in a structured way so they reach the goals necessary to succeed. This is achieved through the provision of 1-1 coaching, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches that compliment any existing training package in the SME, Corporate and Education Sector.


Coaching is either 1-1 or a mix of group and 1-1s, and even with the power of IT and on-line material, the results achieved by a person to person interaction are still unbeaten.


As a specialist 1-1 Coach I have worked with tens of thousands of people from board directors, senior and middle managers to entrepreneurs, small business owners, students, teachers and members of the public from all walks of life.


David Jessop  Life and Success Coach

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